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About Us

Alba Research & Consulting is a limited liability company registered in the state of Florida. The goal of this research and consulting company is to aid in Green Technology Transfers, and Investments.


ARC actively seeks out new investment opportunities and serves as an intermediary in negotiations between Eco Friendly companies and new markets, securing sustainable economic solutions and projects.


We are committed to facilitating the transition to sustainable solutions.

Our Team

Ilyana Albarrán

CEO & Business Development Director


Ilyana Albarrán is the founder of Alba Research and Consulting, ACR, an LLC that seeks to connect the demands of the global market with companies and investors who embody strong environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) values. The overarching theme of her personal trajectory, with respect to both her professional career, and diverse forms of civic and community engagement and activism, is her commitment to environmental sustainability and otherwise “green” initiatives. Ilyana obtained her Ph.D. in Public Affairs from Florida International University, and her B.A. in Economics from Cornell University. She has published on the topics of citizen participation, fair wages, and decentralization, and maintains an active and long-standing affiliation with the Institute for Public Management and Community Service (IPMCS). Ilyana previously worked in Mexico as an Urban Development Community Liaison identifying urban improvements, and potential investors for those projects, as well as spearheading several community-based programs including community efforts focused on the installation of a potable water system, and environmental education campaigns. She has also worked on several projects, likewise, focused on sustainability and conservation in other Latin American countries (e.g., Guatemala, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic). Within her local community, she is an avid community activist through which she has focused on bringing attention to issues relevant to securing overall resiliency of the South Florida community.


Carlos Norero

CFO & Business Development Specialist


Carlos is an Engineer and a General Manager who has worked in commercial and residential arenas since 2002, providing technical and financial expertise to multiple organizations, and contributing to creating awareness for global environmental sustainability.


Carlos served in the military as a Naval Officer and subsequently earned an MBA degree. He provides consulting services for local businesses in Miami, promoting their sustainable development.


Through this training and experience he possesses strong management and leadership skills, and the ability to effectively motivate individuals and groups. He is fluent in English, Spanish, and Italian.


Carlos is passionate about the environment and deeply believes that corporate social responsibility is the ultimate path to achieving sustainability. He is committed to making the world a better place, and a safer environment for future generations to come.




Aziz Klebleyev



Aziz brings to ARC his passion for promoting sustainable development as well as extensive experience in stakeholder outreach and engagement.


In his former position at Zhongxing Tongxun (ZTE), China’s second-largest telecom equipment vendor, Aziz gained valuable experience in customer acquisition and development of customer needs analyses and technical projections. Aziz is originally from Uzbekistan, where he has helped promote awareness of environmental issues, organizing mountain clean-ups and raising funds for victims of the Aral Sea ecological catastrophe. He has also worked at the Internet Access and Training Program (IATP) conducting outreach and organizing web-related trainings for journalists, NGOs, and educators.


Aziz studied Chinese Language and Literature at Tashkent Institute of Oriental Studies. He also holds an MA degree in Asian Studies and a Master in Public Administration from Florida International University. He has spent a year studying Chinese language at Northeast Normal University on a scholarship awarded by the Chinese government. He speaks fluent Chinese, Russian, English, and German.






Marysol Medina

Project Assistant


Marysol Medina has an associate’s degree in Environmental Studies from Miami Dade College.


Her professional experience has been focused on information technology within the energy sector.  This has included promotion of alternative energy technologies, and improvements in energy efficiency, by providing informative technical support, and training on green products, emerging technologies, government rebate programs and related services and strategies for energy efficiency.


She is a community activist in South Florida and is eager utilize her technical skills and customer service experience to encourage energy efficiency within homes and businesses to promote sustainability.


Marysol is fluent in English and Spanish and an enthusiastic conservationist at heart.










Gretha Burchard



Gretha's passion for a green way of living is the reason she is a consultant at ARC.


Gretha received her Ph.D. in Public Affairs from Florida International University. Since returning to Germany, she has continued her research and volunteering in refugee shelters, while identifying ways to promote sustainable living solutions.


During her graduate career at FIU, Gretha worked for the Institute for Public Management and Community Service at FIU, conducting research on good governance, democracy, and decentralization while organizing numerous events and conferences in the US and abroad bringing together government officials and academics from Latin America and Eastern Europe.


While pursuing her B.A. and M.A. at the Universities of Marburg and Göttingen in Germany, Gretha studied abroad in universities in France, Spain, Czech Republic, and Mexico, which helped her to become fluent in Spanish and French and reach an intermediate level of Czech.

Gretha works in real estate management, developing sustainable and affordable solutions for residential and commercial properties.



Ashley Strand

Project Assistant


Ashley Strand is a currently working on her M.A. in Global Affairs, specializing in Global Risk and Corporate Responsibility. She previously worked with Carnival Corporation, the parent company of ten major cruise lines, where she was the Caribbean Government Relations Business Analyst & Aide.  Before her career with Carnival, she worked for the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce (GMCC) as the Lead Research & Employee Engagement point within the Americas Linkage Committee. Through the GMCC, in conjunction with the Beacon Council, she traveled to Madrid, Spain on a trade mission for employee engagement.  Ashley was an Intelligence Community Center for Academic Excellence (IC CAE) Fellow, and graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations, with a minor in Political Science.











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